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  • Meeting Maria – A 2 Part Story

    Preamble to Meeting Maria

    I had met Maria online. She had a intriguing look that drew me to her. She was slim and short in stature, her head was shaved which immediately highlighted her pretty face. She had a sleeve tattoo down one arm and a intricate tat at the top of her spine that I looked forward to inspecting closely. Large hoop earrings usually hung from her ears and a heavy link chain adorned her neck. We had spent a few months chatting and flirting with each other and had decided to take the next step and meet up.

    I flew in, arriving in the early afternoon and after checking in to my hotel, I gave her a call. I thought the plan had been to meet for dinner and see if the connection we both felt was real. We exchanged pleasantries and before I could ask about a restaurant recommendation she suggested I come round to her place. I paused, wondering what brought about this change of plans and then she continued saying that she felt that we would be more comfortable and able to focus on getting to know each other better without distraction. I accepted her invitation and she gave me her address telling me that she would arrange an Uber to pick me up in an hour. I grabbed a quick shower and then picked up my small carry-all as I headed down to meet my Uber. As we headed over to Maria’s I thought back to the chat that sent this meet in motion. We had been chatting for a month or so with plenty of teasing of course. As we became comfortable with each other that progressed to sexting. After a particular hot session that had Maria teasing me mercilessly and feeling frustrated I sent this message before logging off for the evening.

    —-You don’t notice me as I sneak into the room and move behind you. My arms wrap around, you pulling you against my body as I kiss your neck and nibble on an ear. My hands move, one moving over your breasts while the other slides down to cup your pussy. I whisper “ I am so looking forward to our next encounter baby girl” Next time though, I really will paddle your ass until my hand is bruised. Next time I will bring some ropes and bind your arms behind you as I you kneel in front of me. I’ll feed you my cock and let you get me nice and hard with that pretty mouth. Next time I will toss you on the bed face down and tie you spread eagled as I eat your ass and toy your pussy with your vibe. Next time I will fill your pussy with my hard cock and cum inside you while my fingers fuck your ass. Next time I will eat you out, sucking all the cum and then I will feed it to you as I lay on top of you, my weight holding you down, leaving no doubt that for that night you are mine. —-

    Needless to say I was shocked to receive the invitation to come to her place after this exchange. I expected a safe meet up in a public space and yet here I was pulling up outside her house.


    Meeting Maria Part 1

    As I walk up to the door it slowly opens and you peak out from behind the door. You have an excited smile on your face and I am further intrigued as I enter and you close the door behind me. Turning, I pause as my eyes take you in. It seems my little pixie wants to play. You are wearing your usual attire from when we played online. A sexy little black panty and bra set. Your neck is adorned with a heavy chain choker and chunky silver earrings hang from your ears. What surprises and excites me are the leather wrist and ankle cuffs you are wearing. Your smile grows as I look you over and have to rearrange myself as my erection becomes uncomfortable. “You mentioned something about making me yours Sir” you say. Dropping my carry-all I grab the back of your neck firmly and pull you close. My lips immediately meet yours and our tongues fight together before I take control and plunge it into your mouth. My free hand runs down your back forcing our bodies together before grabbing a handful of ass and squeezing. I feel as much as hear you moan at the force I exert.

    I release my grip on the back of your neck and grabbed both ass cheeks, lifting you up. Your wrap your legs around me and your arms encircle my neck as you hold on. “Which way? I say and you tilt your head pointing me in the direction of what I assume is the bedroom. I let out a low moan of my own as I feel you lips and teeth on my neck as I carry you into the bedroom. As we enter I feel you reach and close the door behind us and then I stand immobile gripping your ass tighter as I take in the room.
    This bedroom seems to have an extra piece of furniture not normally found as I take in the saw-horse style padded bench adorned with hooks and clips. The bed has some added details as well with straps attached to all four corners again with clips at the ends. On the long dresser there are an assortment of toys ready for use. I take note of a flogger, paddle, butt plug and several dildos of various sizes and shapes. Several vibrators are also laid out next to a large bottle of lube. Moving over to the bench I set your ass down on the padding and let you sit. I move back a step and have a second look around the room before casting my eyes back on you. You smile meekly and caste your eyes downwards as I contemplate my next move. Making a decision I reach out to lift your chin looking you in the eyes and ask “are you sure little one?” With a nod of the head and a soft “Yes Sir” you agree.

    I take a step closer taking your head in both hands, holding it firmly as I kiss you with a new found desire. I release you again and command “Strip” as I stand with arms crossed. You move quickly, dropping your panties and pulling your sports bra over your head, tossing both aside as you stand for inspection. My hands immediately go to your breasts to pinch your nipples, as you gasp I move beside you and run my hands down both your belly and your back until one cups your pussy, a finger probing to judge your wetness as the other hand splits your ass cheeks letting a finger there probe your asshole. You moan loudly, tossing your head back as I bring a wet finger to your lips and tell you “suck it clean” All the while a finger slides up to the second knuckle in your ass. You greedily suck on my finger as your hips wiggle from the penetration of your ass. After a moment I remove both digits and grab your shoulders turning you to face the side of the bench. “Bend over the bench little one and let your arms dangle and spread your legs further apart” I command and as you follow my instruction I clip each ankle cuff to the bench hardware. Moving around the bench I repeat the process with your wrist cuffs. You are now helpless with your ass exposed leaning over the bench. As I stand my hand caresses your face before offering you two fingers to suck on. You hungrily suck them into your mouth. As I feel you coat my fingers with your spit I pull them out of your mouth and reach down to slide them into your pussy. I pump them in and out several times and then withdraw them. You moan and look back to me as I bring them to my own lips to taste your wetness.

    I slowly turn and walk over to the dresser letting my hand move over the various impact toys. Your eyes are fixated on me as you watch me choose. I turn my back on you as I palm a plug and then lift the flogger and turn back towards you. You shiver slightly as I walk towards you, the strands of the flogger swishing back and forth as I move closer. I stand behind you, out of your sight now. I let my fingers gather up some of your wetness by running my fingers between your pussy lips and slipping them inside you. I use your juices to coat the butt plug and then press it against your hole. Your gasp at the coldness of the metal and the pressure against your back door. I use my free hand to caress your ass cheeks as I press harder until the plug slips in and is seated in your ass. Once the plug is in, I raise my hand and spank your ass once causing a yip to escape your throat. “Little one are you ready for this” I ask as I let the strands of the flogger caress your cheeks. In answer I hear a giggle and watch as you wiggle your butt, almost as if you are taunting me. Taking the challenge I plant my feet and begin to swish the flogger back and forth, not striking you just yet but setting up a steady rhythm. As I set a rhythm I move closer and let the strands hit your cheeks. Moving back and forth ensuring an even coverage and an even reddening of your delightful butt I criss cross from left cheek to right.

    As the glow increases on your ass I slow the pace finally coming to a stop. The whole time you have been moaning and squirming. I drop the flogger and kneel behind you. I lean in and can feel the heat coming off your cheeks. My hands begin to gently massage your ass as I let my tongue lick between your cheeks finding a flood of wetness. Craving your juices I open my mouth wide and press in between your cheeks slurping and sucking and licking to quench my thirst. As I finish licking I move my tongue up and use it to press against the plug filling your ass. I feel you wiggle against my face again and give your ass another slap. Before I stand I reach down and unclip each angle from the bench. Moving around in front of you I then unclip each wrist and tell you “Stand up for me little one and put your hands behind you” As you comply I grab your neck and give a gentle squeeze as I lean to kiss you. I apply more pressure to your neck as my tongue invades your mouth. I feel as well as hear the moan as it escapes your throat as I release and stand.

    Turning you around I clip together your wrists and guide you over to the bed. With a hand on each shoulder I push you down to sit on the edge of the bed. Standing back I begin to remove my clothes, placing them carefully on a chair all the while watching you as you watch me. As I slide my boxers down and release my cock I see you smile as you realize what is about to happen next. I slowly move towards you and then as I stand directly in front of you I grasp my hard on and offer it to you. You eagerly open your mouth and lick the tip before closing your lips around the head. My hands immediately go to hold your head as I will be the one in control of your actions here. With small hip thrusts I slide in and out of your mouth, letting you get used to the length and girth as I hold your head still. I feel your tongue moving along my shaft as I move and smile down at you as you look up at me. Slowly I begin to move your head up and down on my cock as I stop my hip thrusts. I love the feel of your cute little mouth on my cock as it slides in and out. I pull out and with one hand on the back of your head I grab my cock “run your tongue over it little one” I say offering it to you. I moan as your tongue runs up and down the length, letting the tip slide inside your mouth briefly on each pass. I can feel my excitement building as your skilled mouth draws out my orgasm. As I hold you head I once again feed you my cock as I decide to let you suck until I cum. I release my hold on your head and looking down I tell you “I want to cum in your pretty little mouth little one, do you think you can make that happen? I will give you a nice reward if you do” Your eyes look up as your lips engulf my cock, taking it deep and I groan as I hit the back of your throat. You bob up and down, letting your tongue swirl and I know it will not take long with such as skilled mouth at work. As I feel it getting closer rest a hand on your head and slowly begin a short thrust. I warn you “it is coming soon little one, get ready” and I feel you begin to suck greedily as you bob on my dick. I pull back as may legs begin to quiver and grab the cock at the base. You, understanding the signs cover my cock head with your lips and let your tongue tease as I begin to cum. I stroke as you open your mouth. showing me the cum as it shoots out and you get every drop. With a smile you lick your lips and swallow my seed.

    Meeting Maria Pt 2

    “I had promised you a reward and now it is your turn”  I say as I push you down onto your back. I kneel between your thighs and look closely at your glistening pussy. Your excitement evident, your musk intoxicating. I let my fingertips tickle up and down the sides of your pussy as I blow cool air over your wetness. I move closer and let the tip of my tongue lightly touch your lips. Letting it dance up and down with the lightest touch. I place a hand on your belly just above your pussy and apply a light pressure as fingers massage. The other hand slips under your ass palm up allowing my middle finger to split your asscheeks and tickle your asshole. I tease you like this for a few minutes, sometimes applying more pressure with my tongue, sometimes less, never making contact with your clit but touching everywhere all around it. Letting your desires increase and as you begin to squirm and drip I stop. Standing, I reach to help you up, your hands still cuffed behind your back. Turning you I release your wrists and reaching to place a pillow in the centre of the bed I say “on your belly over the pillow little one”. You are quick to comply and I reach to make sure the pillow raises your ass up as I intend. Walking around the bed I slowly fasten each cuff to the corresponding corner. I stand back to admire the scene. My cock is returning to firmness after the amazing blowjob you performed at the erotic sight of a helpless Maria awaiting whatever I have planned.

     I stroll over to the table and have at what is available. Picking up a couple of items I move to unzip my carryall. I am out of your sight here and while you may guess what I chose from the dresser you have no idea of what pull out of my bag. Moving back to the bed, I place the objects down and kneel on the bed at your side. I take another moment to take in the scene and can’t help but stroke my cock several times in anticipation of what is to come. You have your head down but can see me as I kneel. You moan as I grab my cock and stroke. As I finish, I take a finger and coat the tip with some leaking precum and reach to offer it to you. You greedily suck it into your mouth, licking it clean as as I withdraw it I let my other hand land a spank across your ass. New moans escape your throat at the impact. I lightly rub the impact area and then reach to gently remove the plug from your asshole. Dropping it on the bed I reach for another object. You feel my fingers as I slip them inside your pussy and then remove them, to be replace by something firm yet soft. You must wonder what it is as I fiddle and you feel something pressing against your clit as well. As I remove my hand the device stays in place, a portion against your clit and the rest curving until it enters you and sits inside.  

    I shift on the bed and move up to put my head down next to yours, looking into your eyes a smile on my face as you try to figure out what it is. Not wanting wait any longer I press a button on a remote I palmed and you tug at your restraints as the sudden vibration inside you and against your clit hits. “Surprise” I laugh as I press the button again and the vibrations begin to fluctuate in both speed and intensity. “This is random setting little one, designed to build you up to orgasm but leave you just short” I whisper and I see your eyes clench shut and a moan again escape your mouth. Kneeling back up again I place a hand once again on your exquisite rump, still feeling a little warm from earlier attention. You jerk again as you feel a cold liquid drip down between your ass cheeks and my hand is coated and a finger slips into your ass. With an in and out of the finger I lube this hole thoroughly. As I remove my finger I reach for another toy and begin to press it into your ass. All you know is that it is stretching you more than my fingers have and it appears to be ribbed. After I push it in about 5 inches I begin to pump it in and out. The combination of sensations attacking your clit, your pussy and your asshole causes you to writhe around on the bed, tugging at the restraints that hold you in place. Your moans are non-stop now, which only encourages me more as I fuck your ass with a ribbed glass toy. It is obvious when the vibe slows as your movements ease somewhat and you hover on the edge. As your desire to orgasm wains, the lessening of the tension is obvious. Equally obvious is the return of the intensity of vibration as it once more lifts you towards orgasm. Taking mercy on your as I sense you are reaching a peak I again click the remote, sending the strength and vibration to a higher level. With a pop the toy is removed from your ass only to be replaced by my tongue as I lean over and plunge the tip into the gaping hole. This seems to have the impact I desired and your whole body begins to convulse as orgasm takes control of your body. 

    As you come back to reality, you realize that you are no longer restrained. You open your eyes to find me holding you in my arms, the cuffs all absent as I lean against the headboard of the bed. I smile down at you, kissing the top of your shaved head and whisper “rest now little one, we have many more sexts to recreate” 

  • Midday massage

    Taking your hand I help you stand and lead you over to the massage table I set up for just this occasion. I kiss you lightly on the cheek and begin to remove your clothes. Taking my time I plant a kiss on each piece of exposed skin as it appears. Shoulders first, lifting an arm to kiss the tender skin on the inside of the elbow. Lifting a hand to my lips I suck on each finger and kiss each in turn. Kneeling, I face you and slip your bottoms down to your ankles. Letting my lips brush lightly on your belly. I then turn you around as kiss each beautiful globe of your ass.
    As I stand I offer you my hand and help you to lie face down on the table. I let my eyes roam over your amazing body and can’t wait to let mt hands explore every curve. Reaching for a bottle of oil from the warmer I let is drizzle down your back. Starting at your shoulders and ending at your cheeks. I put the bottle down and begin to spread the oil, letting my fingers roam to ensure your entire back is glistening, paying particular attention to your ass cheeks. I tear my eyes and my hands away from the mesmerizing view of your butt and begin to slowly knead your shoulders. Feeling the tension there I apply firmer pressure seeking out the knots. I let fingers press on the back of the neck moving upward to release the tense muscles. As I feel these tensions ease I glide down lower and let my thumbs run up and down your spine as the fingers grip and pull at your lower back. Up and down I go, hands sliding easily on your glistening skin.
    As my hands sense the tightness in your muscles is easing, I begin to let my hands run up and down your back from ass to shoulders applying just a gentle pressure. As I feel all the muscles are loose I am able to move down to my prize for offering the massage. I lean down and first kiss and then nuzzle each ass cheek. My fingers begin to grip and slide all over the lovely curves. Letting a hand move down to your legs and separate them slightly more. With better access I am able to let my fingers slip between your cheeks and to begin to massage there. Reaching for the bottle I allow it to drizzle right onto your butthole, my coated fingers ensuring that everywhere there is well lubed. As fingers slip beneath you to split your pussy lips and search for your clit, another begins to press at your back hole.
    With the back of one hand pressed against the table my fingers are able to gently massage the area around your clit. I hear soft moans as I manipulate my fingers, sometimes brushing against it lightly, sometimes firm pressure is applied. You never notice as my other hand leaves your body as I reach into the nearby bag and retrieve an object. You shudder suddenly as I press the object against your pussy and it slips inside, only to moan loudly as I turn it on and your realize it is a small vibrator. I slowly pump it in and out, the vibrations and strength fluctuating randomly as my fingers manipulate your clit. your hips begin to move as you try to get either more contact or less. As your movements become more pronounced I sense you are climbing the ladder towards release. My fingers move faster and faster as you press your weight down on my hand and as I push the vibe in and out I click the switch to full power vibration. This is all it takes as you begin to shudder from foot to shoulder as your orgasm takes hold of you. As the orgasm subsides and you lay panting I remove the vibe and my hand from beneath you. I let my fingers caress you as I pull a sheet up the table to cover you. Leaning over I give you a kiss on the cheek and whisper “have a little nap love, you’ve been working to hard”

  • A New World

    I slowly crawl towards you as you lay back on the bed, a smile forms as you realize what I intend to do. As I get close I reach for a foot and lift it gently. Leaning in I kiss the sole as I stare intently at you. My lips and tongue caress your foot, turning to cover all parts before I stop and begin to suck on your big toe. My eyes never leave yours as I suck and lick each toe in turn. With a final kiss I lower the foot and slide closer again. I lift the other leg and lick the calf from ankle to knee. I hold the leg as I inspect your tats, kissing as I finish. I then lower the leg and lay down between your thighs. Looking up I see you staring intently at me, while my eyes are focused on your sweet pussy, intrigued at your piercing. I lick my lips in anticipation, never having devoured a pierced pussy before.

    I plant kisses up each thigh, letting my fingers caress as I move closer. Finally I reach my goal and take a long swipe from bottom to top, moaning as the flavour overwhelms my taste buds. Sliding my hands beneath you to hold your ass cheeks I lower my face and rub your pussy, coating it with your wetness. I let my nose bump against your piercing as my tongue slides between your lips. I slowly loose awareness of the world around me as I focus on the new world before me. With kisses and tongue Iicks I move deeper into a world of new aromas and sensations. I suck on lips drawing them into my mouth as my tongue flicks at them, I cover your piercing and moan loudly as I toss it side to side searching with my tongue for your clit. I lower and search for an opening and finding it, probe as far as I can trying to draw out more juice to savour.

    The passage of time no longer matters, my one goal to bring you as much pleasure as I am experiencing. Shifting my hands I let them help, my mouth and tongue now focus higher, attacking your clit with gentle licks and forceful sucking, flicking and nipping. I slip a hand underneath and slide a finger between your cheeks as fingers on the other hand slide towards your pussy. A finger begins to press on your rear entrance as another finger slides inside you. I feel you responding more and push the finger into your ass as the other finger is joined by a second and they begin to pump in and out of your pussy. It may have been minutes or it may have been hours and none of it matters as you finally clamp your thighs around my head and squeeze as your body shudders. I continue licking and sucking on you as my fingers as pushed out of your holes by your movements. I am in my own ecstasy as you slowly begin to relax the hold you have on my head and I am able to look up into your eyes and see the aftermath of your orgasm. I carefully sit up and lean over to kiss you passionately and then I whisper “thank you my love for giving me the gift of your orgasm”

  • Cam Show

    You never noticed me standing in the doorway watching you as you played for the camera. I’m sure you would give me a preview of the performance as you are well aware of how turned on I get when you wear that black catsuit. I continue to watch, rubbing myself as you play with your pussy. I make a decision and step away for a moment, stripping quickly and grabbing my belt, I move back to look in at you. As you turn to look at the camera licking your fingers I make my move, stepping into the room and loudly command “Freeze”. Your head whips round to see me moving towards you as your eyes lower to stare at my hard cock. You then notice the belt and a quick smile comes across your face. “What do you think you are doing dear, you know I love to play with you when you are wearing the catsuit? Turn around baby, head down, ass up“. You quickly turn, your feet at the edge of the bed and assume the required position. I move behind you and let a hand caress your ass before letting two fingers slip inside your pussy. After a quick pump, I withdraw them and lift them before sucking your juices from them. My cock throbs as I taste you and I push it against your ass so you feel what you do to me.

    I grasp my cock and begin to rub it first between your lips a few times before stopping to press forward letting the tip enter you briefly. As you moan I chuckle knowing that we are no where near the point of fucking. I then slide it up and down between your ass cheeks . Stepping back I fold the belt before letting fingers rub you once more. I ask “ are you ready to play baby” as a finger flicks your clit. I take your moans and squirming against my fingers as a yes. Pulling my hand back I swat down with the belt across both cheeks. A red mark forms, making me smile. Having played this game before I know just how much force to use to give you the most pleasure/pain. Alternating cheeks the belt impacts all over and slowly the skin has a healthy red glow. Tossing the belt aside, I let a hand caress your ass, feeling the heat of the impacts.

    With a final caress, I lift my hand and swiftly spank each cheek five times. “Sit up baby, move closer to the mirror and kneel facing it. “ I command, as you follow instruction I move to kneel behind you. My arms go around you and maul your breasts as my cock presses against your ass. I look over your shoulder to our reflection in the mirror. Your eyes move, taking in my face, my hands on your tits and lower down your dripping pussy. As I look at you in the mirror I move one hand down your body to cup your pussy while the other moves up to grip your neck. I turn my head to nip at your earlobe as my grip around your neck tightens and my fingers begin to rub firmly below. I moan as I see your reflection, your mouth open slightly, eyes shut tight, your head slightly tilted away from my mouth as I kiss and nibble your ear, your chest pushing out, nipples poking the sheer black fabric, and your hips shifting as my fingers slide between your lips and enter you before moving back to press against your clit. I press my groin against you, trying to find a hole for my hard cock. Frustrated yet more excited I keep thrusting against you, my cock between your ass cheeks. Releasing your neck I grab a handful of hair and turn your head before kissing you fiercely. My tongue thrusts into your mouth as two fingers thrust into your pussy. I keep thrusting with fingers and tongue as I tug your hair. Finally I can take no more, I let go of your hair, watching the mirror until I see you looking back at me. I grin before whispering “ you are so fucking sexy babe, I’m going to lay down and you are going to climb on and we are going to have the ride of our life”

    With a smile you turn to face me and move to sit on my stomach. Your wetness leaving a trail as you slide up and down, my hard cock slipping between your ass cheeks momentarily before you move upwards again. I failed to notice you had picked up the belt as I lay on my back and with a grin you look down at me and say “Hands” I obey and suddenly the tables have turned as you expertly tie my hands together with the leather belt. Lifting them over my head you find a length of rope from a previous play time and swiftly loop it around the belt preventing me from lowering my hands at all. You lean down and kiss me hard, forcing your tongue into my mouth as you pinch my nipples. I can only moan as your tongue pushes in and out of my mouth like a tiny cock. I attempt to suck hard at each penetration of your tongue. I feel my cock get harder still as your body presses down on mine, your forcefulness a massive turn on from one usually so submissive. As you sit up smiling at my helplessness you slide back until your pussy lips are split by my hard cock. You begin a slow slide along the length of my hard-on. As one hand continues to tease and pinch my nipples the other moves to your clit and slowly rubs and caresses. I groan as your pussy milks me, the sensation of your wet pussy riding my length amazing yet I know you will never let it be enough to allow me to cum. You throw your head back as you enjoy the feelings of my cock and your fingers. “Oh baby, this is torture” I cry out as you speed up and slow down. You look down at me and laugh. “Oh baby I have waited for so long for a chance like this” I hear and then moan as I know we are far from done. With that you slowly slip further down my body, leaning down until your lips cover a nipple and I feel your teeth nipping. Your eyes smile at me as I look down at you. It is such an incredible turn on to see you like this. As you slide further you kiss and lick my stomach, my cock twitching as I begin to see where this be leading.

    Despite the discomfort of holding my head up with hands bound to the headboard I can’t tear my eyes away. Your eyes never leave mine as you slowly begin to run your tongue along my shaft. I feel a fingers begin to tickle my balls as a hand grasps my cock and lifts it. Your lips cover the head and you suck as a finger presses against my asshole. I throw my head back and moan loudly at the intensity of the sensations. I hear and feel you chuckle as you continue to torture me. Your tongue swirls as you bob up and down on my cock and the your finger slips inside my ass to search for my prostrate. I shudder at the overwhelming feelings you are giving me and I know it will not take much longer for me to cum. You sense this as you first slow and then stop, letting my cock slip from your mouth and slap against my belly. The finger in my ass still present but unmoving. My excitement wains slowly as I look down and see you with your fingers playing with your pussy. I watch as you slide three inside and pump in and out. The slurping sounds proof of your wetness and my mouth waters as I desire to taste. “Baby, please give me a taste” I moan, you pick up the pace and then lift your dripping hand to my lips and hold it just out of reach. Juices slowly drip into my waiting mouth and I moan and beg “please babe, let me clean them” With that you slip them into my mouth and allow me to suck and lick and taste your elixir. As I lick your fingers clean you pull them out and grab my chin, holding my head in place as you hover over me and mash your lips to mine. As your body lays atop me I feel your hand slip between us moving lower down and gripping my cock.

    I sense your hips lifting and shifting and slowly ever so slowly I feel your heat wrap around my cock as you slip me inside you. I feel your hips moving as you lay atop my body. You moan as your clit is being stimulated by the motion of our bodies, my cock throbbing as it slips in and out of what feels like a wet furnace. You place your hands on my chest and press down lifting your body away and letting my cock sit firmly in you. With a smile I begin to notice your stomach muscles moving and then I feel the sensations as your pussy states to milk my cock. Fingers go back to your clit as you rock up and down, side to side on my cock. I look up and see the joy your face as you begin to lift and drop on my hard-on. Fingers flying faster and faster as you ride me harder and harder. I begin to thrust up as much as possible in my position and our hips crash into each other as we both build up to orgasm. As we are almost there I let my hands slip from the restraint smiling as all along I have been able to be free but wanting to give you the control you desired today. I reach and cup each breast with a hand and let the fingers flick and pinch each nipple. With your head crown back I can feel you clenching my cock as it pulses inside you. My orgasm racing to meet yours. Suddenly we both groan out loud as we are overwhelmed and begin to cum. My hips thrusting uncontrollably and you shudder atop me. As we slowly come back down to earth you lay down atop me again, my cock still inside you, not ready to slip out just yet. We begin to kiss tenderly, your hands running over my head as mine caress your back. As our heartbeats slow you let me slip out and you slide down just a bit, allowing your head to rest on my chest and letting me stroke your hair. I hear a chuckle and look down to see you looking at me and then your eyes shift to the camera. I look and slowly realize why you chuckled as the red recording light is still flashing.

  • My Princess

    Exploring some kinks

    I was thrilled to get a call from you inviting me over for dinner. We hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks. After our wonderful weekend in Niagara Falls I had been working out of town. I was so happy with everything that occurred during that weekend knowing that you had some of your fantasies fulfilled. I loved to help you experience your desires and felt privileged to be a part of it all.
    As I walk toward her front door I notice a folded piece of paper taped to it. My name is written in your handwriting on it and I reach and take it. I smile to myself wondering what my sweet lover has planned tonight.
    I unfold the paper and read “are you ready to serve your Princess again my pet? You have left me alone far too long and I am afraid I will be very demanding, you may open the door and enter, locking it behind you. you will remove all your clothes and place them neatly on the chair provided. You will then assume a position on the floor, kneeling, head bowed with your hands behind you back.” My breath catches and my heart begins to pound at the thought of once again serving My Princess. Shaking slightly from excitement I reach to open the door.

    Once inside, I turned and locked the door and following my instructions stripped off my clothes and folded then neatly, placing them on the chair. My shoes were placed underneath. My cock had begun to harden in excitement of what My Princess had in store for me. Once my first task was complete I knelt down, head bowed and brought my hands behind my back. After a short time I heard My Princess’ heels as she walked towards me over the tile floor of the entrance. “Very good my pet, I am glad you have followed my instructions.” She said as she moved behind me. She leaned down and quickly fastened leather cuffs around both wrists and clipped them together. “I will assist you to stand pet.” I heard as she grasped an arm as I with effort stood head bowed before Her. Even head bowed I was enthralled with the beauty of My Princess. She wore thigh high blacks boots and a red lace bodysuit, her nails had obviously been done recently and I looked forward to feeling them on my skin. As always her makeup was impeccable. Her hair cascaded over her shoulders and I could not prevent the shudder that racked my body as my cock hardened with desire. She once again moved behind me as she slipped my collar around my neck fastening it tight. Once this task was completed she came round in front and I saw that she had a leash in her hand. I failed to notice that at the end of the leash was a small harness. I found this out as she squatted in front of me and grabbed my cock. She quickly fastened the harness with one strap wrapping around the base of my cock, a second set of straps separated my balls and and connected to the first strap. My cock was now fully erect as my balls hung down between the leather. My princess then turned leash in hand and proceeded to walk down the hall towards the basement stairs. I had little recourse but to follow as my cock was tugged at the end of the leash. My Princess was careful to ensure my safety as we descended the stairs to the basement. This was a part of the house I had never seen as yet.

    Reaching the bottom of the stairs my jaw fell open as I gazed about the room. I saw a fuck machine sprouting a 7 in dildo set up on the mat covered floor, various chains and ropes hanging down from the ceiling above the mats. Nearby was a short sawhorse shaped bench. The bench was clad in blacker leather and had numerous hooks and clips located in strategic positions. A comfortable lounger sat against one wall with a view of the whole room. A small table sat beside it with what looked like multiple wired and wireless controls of some kind. A rack was fastened to one wall on which a variety of impact toys hung. Crops, floggers and paddles. Another table held a variety of other toys, butt plugs, cock rings, vibrators and clamps. My cock bobbed as I viewed all this while My Princess stood smiling at me wickedly. “As I said pet, I am annoyed with you” you spoke and I shivered again. I remained still as you pick up cuffs and fastened them around each ankle. Unclipping the leash from my cock restraint you grabb my cock and lead me to the lounger. “Kneel” you command and I clumsily comply. My Princess sat before me with her legs spread. My cock bounced in time with every beat of my heart at this amazing sight. I am in awe of My Princess at this point, wondering how it is she is able to know my deepest desires and recreate the images that have fueled my fantasies forever. To lay shackled before My Princess, her legs encased in thigh high boots and her body only partially hidden behind the beautiful lace bodysuit. My Princess reaches down and unsnaps the crotch of the body suit revealing a further piece of heaven. Her beautiful pussy obviously aroused as it glistened in the light of the room. “With your lips and tongue pet I desire an orgasm before we begin.” she says and I crawl closer. As I dip my head My Princess grabs my head in her hands and presses it into her pussy. “EAT” she shouts. I begin by sticking my tongue out and licking rapidly up and down between her lips. Her hands release me and I am free to feast. I plant a kiss on her hood and then lick down the side of the labia. My Princess is so very wet and I press my face in and slide it up and down so it is coated with the nectar. Shifting slightly I poke out my tongue and begin to fuck your hole. Head bobbing as my stiff tongue penetrates. I pause to breath and and then move around leaving kisses where ever my lips touch. I sense a shudder and after a glance up I see My Princess with her eyes closed tight and her head thrown back. Opening my lips I cover your hood and let my tongue search for your clit. Easily finding it swollen in excitement I lavish it with licks and kisses before closing my lips around it and sucking while I hum around it. Suddenly my head is forced back as you once again grab me and I open my mouth as you cum and squirt. Eagerly I suck at the air desperate to drink it all. You draw my head in and allow me to clean you thoroughly. A task I love with passion. As you begin to relax you push my head away and I sit kneeling once more awaiting your further pleasure.

    You sit on the lounger, clearly relaxed in the aftermath of your orgasm looking upon me as I sit, my face glistening with your juices my cock still throbbing with desire. Your gaze shifts looking past me, clearly deciding where we will play next. Having made a decision you rise and walk towards the bench. Turning slightly to beckon me with a crooked finger. I struggle to stand and then follow, my hardness leading the way. As I reach the bench you push me down so I am once again bent at the waist awaiting whatever you have in store for me. Again I find my ankles shackled to the bench legs and my wrists shackled to the corners. Turning my head I watch you in the mirror. You admire your handiwork for a moment before walking over to the table of toys. You ensure I can not see what you return with as you move behind me once more. Kneeling behind me you reach between my legs and grasp my hard cock. I feel you slip something over the head and then I feel a constriction just below there. I also feel something dangling from what I now realize is a cockring. With your back to the mirror you ensure I still can not see what you have planned but I can stare at the wondrous view of your boot clad legs and your amazing ass. Suddenly I feel a lubed finger penetrate my ass. You saw the finger in and out adding more lube as needed. Withdrawing the finger it is quickly replaced by a firm object of some kind, it does not feel metallic so I assume it is a small dildo. Once it is firmly planted inside my ass I look in the mirror as you grin and press a switch from a wired remote you have in your hand. I see wires leading to the cockring and all of a sudden my cock feels intense vibration. Just as suddenly there is an intense vibration in my ass. I arch my head back at the sensations and you laugh out loud. “you may not cum without permission pet” you say as suddenly the vibrations change in intensity and speed in my ass and on my cock. I am scared now as the intensity can only lead to orgasm and I do not know how I can withhold the release. While I had been concentrating on these sensations I did not notice My Princess as she moved around the room. Suddenly I was no longer worried about my orgasm as My Princess started flogging my ass. My head darted to look in the mirror to see My Princess standing tall in her thigh high black boots, her bodysuit laying tossed on the floor, her nipples as hard as I have ever seen and a look of excitement on her face. In each hand My Princess held a small flogger as she alternated landing strikes upon each ass cheek. I closed my eyes and take deep breaths as the vibrations on my cock and in my ass vary in speed and intensity giving pleasure while the floggers flaying my ass provide a level of pain ensuring I do not cum. My Princess begins to vary the location of the strikes, lower back, inner thighs as well an occasional strike between my spread cheeks tapping the vibe and sending a intense indescribable sensation deep to my soul. Again I lose all track of time as I submit to My Princess pleasure. Then suddenly the flogging ceased and just as suddenly first one vibe was removed then the other. I lay immobile as I recovered from journey into subspace.
    My Princess releases my wrists and ankles and helps me turn to lean against the bench. “Take a drink pet” I hear as you hand me a bottle of water. After downing it in one gulp I rest back against the bench. You look at me and smile then quickly drop to your knees and engulf my cock. My eyes roll into the back of my head as you deep throat my cock. I cry out “My Princess please I beg you can I cum” You suddenly increase the suction as one hand grips my balls and quickly let my cock pop out and say “cum for me pet” then just as quickly you take my cock into your mouth, but this time just to lick the head as a hand strokes me. I can hold no longer and shudder as cum spurts into My Princess’s mouth as you continue to pump my cock. I struggle remain standing as the last ropes of cum drip off my cock. Releasing it from your grasp you quickly stand and grab my face and press your open mouth against mouth pushing my seed into my mouth as our tongues dance. Lost in pleasure of what you do to me I greedily take all that is offered before sending my tongue back into your mouth for you to clean. You release my face and smile as you lick your lips. I mirror your actions as I give a last shudder from my orgasm.


    As I slowly recovered from the orgasm My Princess allowed me I opened my eyes and see you staring at me, once again a wicked smile on your face. “I hope you don’t think I am done with you yet my pet?” You say. I bow my head and whisper “I am My Princesses to use as she wishes” Hooking the leash to my collar you pull me across the room and my eyes go wide as you walk toward the fuck machine set up on the mats. “Do you like my newest toy my pet, it fucks me wonderfully and never tires. Do you think you will like it?” You laugh, and a whimper escapes my mouth, fearful but never wanting to displease My Princess. “Down on all fours pet” You command and I drop to my knees and turn so I am facing away from the machine, knowing exactly what will happen soon. You lube up the dildo and my ass and then command me to shift back until I feel a pressure against my hole. I feel you shift the dildo and then I gasp as you turn the machine on briefly and I am penetrated. As you give me time to adjust to the fullness you go to the lounger and return with a few pillows. Placing them down in front of me I begin to understand what is about to happen. You kneel and then sit, one gorgeous boot clad leg on either side of my shoulders and then you scoot forward until your sweet pussy is inches from my face. You place one pillow under your hips lifting your pussy and giving me full access as you lean back comfortably on the other. “My pet, I desire another orgasm and I know how much you love to eat my pussy. I think you need a little distraction so you understand this is all about My pleasure.” You demand. With a twist of your fingers on the remote I feel the dildo begin to move in and out slowly. I waste no time and with a long swipe begin to make love to your pussy. As the speed increases on the machine my body instinctively tries to escape and my face presses harder against your pussy, at times this results in deeper penetration of my tongue inside you, at times it increases the pressure on your clit as my tongues laps away. You seem to find a speed that brings you the most pleasure as my face presses against your puss. I try to ensure I leave no area untouched, sucking on your lips drawing them out before releasing them only to repeat, letting my nose tap against your full clit as I lick between your lips. I greedily suck all the wetness that escapes from inside you. The dildo sawing in and out of my ass reminding me to double my efforts to ensure My Princesses pleasure. As always when I focus on My Princesses pleasure, I lose all sense of time. My ears are aware of heavenly moans escaping My Princess and they increase in volume whenever my lips touch upon your clit. I sense the time is close as I close my lips over your clit and suck hard while my tongue licks. My efforts are rewarded as you begin to shake and the arrival of your orgasm is evident as you gush all over my face. As your orgasm subsides you slip back out of my reach but do not change the pace of the machine at all. I lower my head to the mat and lap away at the puddle you have left behind. I begin to notice the dildo moving slower and slower as I clean but suddenly cry out as you crank the speed up to max for a brief moment before shutting it off completely and your evil laugh returns. I fall forward as the dildo slips out of my ass, aware of the gaping hole it leaves behind. I lay exhausted as you watch me with a tender look in your eyes.

  • A Birthday Gift

    A Three Part Story – Part 1

    We walked hand in hand down the hallway as I guide you. The blindfold preventing you from seeing our destination just yet. You were curious but excited as we left the private jet at the airport. I wouldn’t tell you where we were going no matter how much you begged. The city was totally unfamiliar and the darkness of the evening didn’t help matters. We stop before a door as I turn and hold your face in my hands. I lean over and lightly touch your lips with mine. “This night is all about you my dear” I whisper as I open the door. I pull you inside and you hear the door close behind you. Once again I lead you and after a few steps put my hands on your shoulders and turn you to face away from me. I gently remove the blindfold and this is what you see.

    “Happy Birthday love” I say as I turn you around and kiss you again. You smile and look around you, the huge window gives a view of the falls lit up with the colours of the rainbow. You sweep your eyes around the suite. A massage table prominent in the middle of the living room. I pull you into the other room where we see a huge king size bed. We then walk into a huge bathroom, complete with stand up shower with multi shower heads and a soak in jetted tub with steaming water and suds. You can smell that I used one of your favorite bath bombs. As I begin to disrobe you I saw “first I will bathe you love, then I will massage away all your tension and then I will carry you to the bed where we can spend the time in each others arms.

    As each piece of clothing is removed I spend time kissing your exposed skin.I unbutton your blouse, kissing your neck and shoulders, sucking on an earlobe as my hands caress you. I find the zip to your skirt and let it fall to your feet as I bend to kiss your panty clad bottom. Pressing my nose deep into the crack of your ass and inhaling deeply. I let my fingers quickly rub underneath to cup your pussy. Middle fingers pressing firmly. Before letting my hand fall. I look up at you from my knees. My breath catching as you stand there in the red bra and panty set I love so much. I turn you around to face me, lifting first one leg then the other as I remove your heels. “ please sit on the stool behind you love” and as you do I lift a foot in my hands and place kisses on your toes. My hands gently caressing your calves as my tongue and lips caress your feet. I reach up to gently tug on your panties as you lift up to allow them to slide down your legs. I move between your thighs, kissing slowly upwards. I plant one tender kiss on your pussy as I rise and reach behind you to unfasten your bra.

    Shaking it off your shoulders does delicious things to your breasts and I can’t help but give each nipple a lick and kiss. I take your hand and lead you to the tub and assist as you step in and lay back. I quickly disrobe down to my boxer briefs, my desire evident but restrained for now. I slip in behind you as I reach for some of your favourite soap. I begin to caress your torso, letting the soap lather as my hands slip and slide, cupping your breasts and slipping lower being careful with the soap around your pussy. I move to an arm, running my fingers down each letting the soap cleanse you fully. I plant kisses on your neck and ears as I enjoy my task. I reach for a cloth and begin to rinse your body. I gently wipe your face then turn your head to kiss you deeply. “Turn to face me baby and lay back” As you follow my instruction I grasp an ankle, lifting the leg out of the water and lather and massage first the thigh then the calf and finally the foot. I let it drop slowly as I grasp the other ankle and follow the same gentle manipulations. You are leaning back, eyes closed and seemingly enjoying all my caresses, a small smile on your lips. I am teased by the occasional glimpse of your nipples as the water swirls across them and they peak out of the suds.

    Once I have ensured your whole body has been cleansed and received the attention it deserves I pull you back against me and wrap my arms around you. I love feeling you tight against me, letting me show my desire as it presses against your ass. I once again kiss and nip at your neck and ears. We spend a few minutes like this before I reach for the shower wand. Making sure the water is at the right temperature I signal for you to stand so I can rinse you off. I kneel before you my eyes excited at the vision I see before me. Your hair piled high on your head looking fabulous after you trip to the hairdresser early this morning. The warm water cascading down your body, your skin glistening in the lights of the room. Once rinsed I can wait no longer. I move you to the edge of the tub and spread your legs. Lifting one and placing it on the side allowing me access that I crave. No teasing now as I dive in with my tongue and lips,

    Hunger does not describe it, ravenous comes close as I press my face into your pussy. I find you wet and it just adds to my frenzy. Sucking and licking on your clit, as fingers tease your entrance, one finger slipping between your ass cheeks to press against that hole. I feel you being to shudder and double my efforts sliding a finger inside to pump away as my tongue lashes your clit. I lose the ability to sense my surroundings focused only on the sweet pussy in front of me, it is my whole world right now and your climax my whole reason for being. I hear moans off in the distance, and then suddenly you begin to shudder and you grab the back of my head and hold it in place. As I feel your orgasm I begin dragging my tongue back and forth over your sensitive clit, each time inducing a shiver as you feel aftershocks.

    I look up to see you laying back eyes closed breathing heavily from the exertion. I reach for the wand once again and rinse you clean of any juice my mouth has missed. Again you shiver slightly as the stream of water touches your now sensitive clit. Once totally cleanse I raise up and reach for your hand. As we step out of the tub I wrap you in a huge warm bath towel before pulling you into my arms, your head on my chest as I softly speak. “ the night is still early my dear and I have much more planned for you. Let’s have a break to refresh ourselves, I have some champagne chilling. We can sit and watch the falls as we rest.

    Part 2

    We sit on the sofa in our bathrobes, you leaning back on me I slip a hand inside your robe and cup a breast, my thumb brushing over your nipple slowly, teasing it. I breath your fresh scent in deeply as my other arm hugs you tighter to me. Outside the picture window the rainbow of coloured lights plays against the flowing waters of the Falls. A light mist rising into the air at times diffusing the colours. I softly say “it is a beautiful site, isn’t it my sweet? But it pails in comparison to the view I have of you laying in my arms” We lay this way savouring the view and the closeness, sipping on our flutes of champagne as we tenderly touched each other. I take the empty flute from your fingers as I shift to raise up behind you. I stand and reach for your hand pulling you to your feet. As you stand before me I turn you to face the window, slipping the robe from your shoulders, leaving you standing in naked glory. You shiver knowing that you are bare for the world to see.
    “No one is lucky enough to see your beauty from this height my dear”

    Taking you elbow I pull you away from the window and over to the massage table. A bowl of scented oil is being warmed by a small flame on a small table beside. “Climb up and lay face down my sweet” As you climb up I make sure you are comfortable with your head resting and your arms down to your sides. I let a hand stroke your inner thighs as I gently spread your legs apart a little more. Testing the temperature of the oil and finding it perfect I cups my hands and fill them. Moving over to slowly let it slip between my fingers first on your shoulders and then moving lower. As it empties I dip again, this time the oil falls on the wonderful globes of your ass, some seeping between the cheeks to tickle your butthole. Finally I coat each leg and foot. Moving back to your head I begin to ensure the oil is spread all over your exposed skin. Grasping each arm and sliding down to the wrist, sliding from shoulder blades to your waist. I move to your waist as soft music begins to play. With one hand on each cheek I spread the oil, briefly letting fingers spread your cheeks and running between them and lower still to touch ever so briefly on your pussy lips. “this area will get special attention later love, have no fear” as you shiver at the touch on your pussy. Using both hands I grasp a thigh firmly and work the oil down the leg, first one then the other as I finish at the foot of the table, finishing with each toe. I look down as you lay before me, skin glistening in the light and I realize that I need to etch this vision in my brain for all time.

    I lift a foot as I begin the massage, letting my fingers press firmly into the sole, rubbing first from toe to heel and then from heel to toe. Letting my thumb press into the arch to release any tension. Always careful about using the correct amount of pressure knowing how ticklish you are. Placing one hand on each ankle I slowly slide them up each calf, leaning over as I do. Pressing fingers and thumbs searching for any tightness in your muscles. It is evident that our time together in the tub eased most of your tensions and I switch to caressing each calf as my fingers ease the oil into your skin. Looking up the table as I work your calves I gaze between your legs and lick my lips as I see the moisture on your pussy lips. Tamping down my desire I move to the side of the table and begin to mold and press a thigh, using both hands moving upwards from the knee, higher and higher until one hand is inches away from your pussy. I take my thumb and lightly rub the tender spot at the top of the inner thigh as my fingers “accidentally” brush your lips. I move around and take the same actions on the other thigh including the little tease at the end. Easing up onto the table I swing my leg over to straddle your legs ensuring that I support my weight. Opening my fingers wide I start at your waist and press and massage upwards to your shoulders. Up and back down, kneading and massaging and finally caressing as the tension disappears. As I move upwards one last time I lean over letting my weight press you against the padding of the table whispering “time to flip over love”.

    I quickly hop off and position a towel under you neck to ensure your comfort. Leaning down I take the time to kiss your lips passionately, letting my tongue dance briefly with yours. I stand and move to the bowl scooping up and moving to drizzle down each leg. Changing my pattern I begin to work your lower legs and thighs leaving you in anticipation of the feel of the oil on your breasts and pussy. No longer firm massages as much as lovers caresses as the tension have long since left here and fled upwards. A different kind of tension building between your legs and in your breasts. Throughout my play I have heard little moans and soft sounds slip from your throat, each sound exciting me knowing that I bring you pleasure. Moving to the bowl once again, I cup my hands and lift them, letting the oil drip to coat each breast. I quickly fill them again and this time drizzle the warm scented oil over your belly and then finally your pussy.
    Starting at your shoulders I let my hands coat you with glistening oil. Sliding over each breast, fingers swirling around each nipple ensuring I coat each in the fragrant oil.

    Moving further south my fingers slip across your taut stomach before coming to rest on each hip. I look up to your face and see you laying with your eyes closed and mouth slightly open as you enjoy my hands on your body.
    My fingers remain firmly gripping each hip as my thumbs point to your belly button. I begin to move them in circular motions, pressing down as they circle. Slowly each hand slips down over your hips as the thumbs continue to press and circle. Once I reach the top of each leg I pause. And gently pull the legs further apart. I move to one side, looking down at your pussy, seeing it glisten and I lick my lips. One hand cups your pussy gently kneading as the other rests just above your clit and begins a gentle massage. “My love, did you know that the clitoris is actually much larger than first believed? That wonderful little button that peaks out is only a small part, the only part that is really visible.” With that I place fingers just above your hood and begin to rub and with the other hand I rub two fingers on each side of your lips moving up and down gently. “it lies just beneath where my fingers are tracing and is just as sensitive as the little button when properly manipulated.”

    My fingers move all over your pussy but never touch your button or slide between your lips. I feel you begin to squirm as my hands slide all over your pussy. As I rub down your lips my fingers squeeze your lips together lightly pinching them. I change hands and let a finger press against your pussy entrance as the other fingers slip and pinch your labia. I find your dripping and it is easy for a finger to slip inside. It is quickly joined by a second finger as I begin to saw in and out of you. Fingers now move up and give your clit a soft bump, slowly circling it with an occasional touch as I increase the speed of my thrusts inside you. As I penetrate you with two fingers I lean over, moving a hand to your breast to pinch and tweak each nipple. My tongue reaches out searching for that illusive button finding ready and willing for attention. After lashing it back and forth my lips close down over and suck hard drawing it up into my mouth then pulling back my head slightly and releasing.

    I continue this sucking and tugging as two fingers saw in and out and others pinch your nipples and caress your breasts. I begin to feel you tense as your orgasm builds, I add a third finger and begin lapping at your clit with my tongue. Your excitement continues to build. My tongue and lips sucking, licking, lapping at your clit, fingers pinching nipples as other fuck your tight pussy. “my love cum for me” I say as I pause and raise my head before quickly going back to the wonderful task of making love to your pussy. Quickly your body begins to quiver and I redouble the efforts of my tongue as it flicks your button. I remove one finger and with the remaining two twist my hand and curl my fingers as they continue to slip in and out but now search for that soft super sensitive illusive g spot. Finally your body shakes and your back arches off the padded table, my face pressing down hard against your pussy to ensure my tongue can continue to lap away at your sweet clit. Fingers making a “come hither” motion as I curl them up inside rubbing against your g spot, and suddenly I pull away as you begin to cum and my mouth dives down wide open in hopes of catching any juices.

    After lapping away for a brief time I quickly stand and move to the foot of the table. I grab your ankles and slide you down until your pussy is right on the edge. I kneel, letting a leg rest over each shoulder and then dive back in with my mouth and tongue. I suck and lick all over your lips and thighs to capture all your nectar.and as I see you being to come down I open wide and place my entire mouth over you sucking hard. My tongue works up and down between your lips and flicking your clit then moves down to penetrate. I am in a frenzy as I suck and eat and lick. My whole world shrunk down until it all exists solely between your legs. Holding my mouth tight against your hole I let my tongue search out for any sweet juices left inside while fingers slowly circle your clit.

    As your shudder subside, my task is to now clean up the mess I have caused. And I eagerly begin. Lapping and licking your thighs and planting kisses everywhere I go. Swiping my tongue between your lips and letting my nose tickle your exposed clit once or twice. As I finish I reached down and find the warm towel I had ready. I slip your legs from off my shoulders as I gently wipe your pussy and thighs. Cleaning what little juices remain after our lovemaking. My hardness in evidence within my briefs I move to the side and lean down to kiss you face. “What a precious gift you are my love” I put one arm under your knees and the other under your back and lift you into my arms. You smile up at me as you enjoy that after effects of your orgasm. “We both need to recharge sweetness before we continue on” I say as I carry you to the bed and place you down. Your hair spreads out across the pillow and you look up at me and my breath catches at the beautiful image I see laying down waiting for me. I move around and climb in beside you, pulling the covers over us, as we spoon together. I pull you tight to me and let my hand gently caress your arms, your thighs and your belly. “Let’s nap for a little while love” but then I realize you have already drifted off to sleep. I lay my head next to yours holding you tight as I join you in slumber, a small smile present for ever more on my face.

    Part 3 takes a kinky turn. there are 2 different choices in a Dom/sub storyline.

    Part 3a Domme

    I sit on the side of the bed looking down at you as you slowly come awake. I smile as I offer you a drink. “We need to stay hydrated” I say as I give you a wink. Taking a long drink myself.
    I slowly pull the sheet off you and as always I am in awe as I gaze upon your beauty. The way your hair cascades across the pillow, the fullness of your lips, the graceful neck leading down to your shoulders. My gaze moves to your breasts, topped with delicious nipples. Tearing my eyes away I continue, my eyes caressing your waist, flicking to your belly button just as my fingers enjoy caressing your waist. Moving lower I look at the source of the wonderful nectar you provide. The button hiding for now in its’ sheath. I continue letting a finger trace a thigh just as my eyes trace the journey. Moving down the bed I reach and lift an ankle, bringing it up as I lean to place a light kiss on your big toe. Letting the foot down slowly I look up and say “Are you ready for the last part of your Birthday Gift my dear?”

    You smile and nod as you sit up. I reach for your hand and pull you up into my arms, giving you a passionate kiss before turning and leading you from the bedroom. As we enter the living room I turn to the left and down a hall we have not ventured down before. Standing before a closed door I turn to you and say “this last part took a fair bit of planning to bring to fruition love. Can you please close your eyes as we go through this door and wait until I let you know to open them.” You give a little giggle and wiggle which does wonderful things with your breasts and then close your eyes. I reach for your hand as I open the door and pull you into the room. You hear the door close behind us and give a shiver of anticipation as your hear a slight rustle of cloth. You raise an eyebrow as you hear my voice from in front of you but closer to the floor. “My Princess has a dark fantasy and it is my honour to fulfill it if she deems me worthy.” I say, then “Please open your eyes and allow this slave to do your bidding”. As you open your eyes they quickly scan the room, It is obviously one of the bedrooms of the suite but it has been transformed into something darker. I kneel at your feet, head bowed, naked with my hands extended. A collar resting in my upturned palms. A table is off to the side with various items sitting upon it. A bench sits in the middle of the room, restraints clearly visible. Hanging from a rack are various paddles and crops. I remain kneeling head bowed as you walk around the room, A slightly evil smile on your face. As you get closer to the table you see the items there. Several butt plugs of various sizes, a large bottle of lube, ankle and wrists cuffs made of nice leather, a set of nipple clamps, several cock rings and finally an assortment of gags. Turning and leaning against the table you see a Black sheer body suit on a hanger and a pair of your thigh high black boots next to the door on the floor. “Oh my pet, we are going to have soooo much fun together” you say as you walk and pick up the collar from my upturned palms. The joy clear in your voice causes me to shiver slightly but firm in the knowledge that I would do anything for My Princess.

    “Sit up pet, and raise your chin” you say and I willingly comply. You move behind me and slip the collar around my throat fastening it around the back as the ring hangs under my chin. As you finish you move close and with a finger hook the ring and bring my face closer to yours. “ crawl over to the table pet and put on the wrist and ankle cuffs then resume kneeling with your head down” you whisper before slapping my cheek “MOVE” I feel the heat of your hand on my cheek as I quickly crawl to the table and reach up for the cuffs. As I am working on my task you saunter over to the rack and look over the paddles and crops. I fumble several times as I tremble in excitement, finally securing the last cuff around my left ankle, once again assuming a kneeling pose with head bowed. I hear you move over to the door and dare a quick peak as I see you reach for the bodysuit on its hanger. You notice my glance and quickly say “Did you just steal a look at me pet without permission?” I softly say “ I am sorry My Princess I have no excuse but to say I can not resist your beauty” I feel you moving towards me and hear a swish and suddenly yelp as a crop smacks hard on my ass. “Crawl to the bench, stand and bend over pet” you say in a strong voice that will accept no further disobedience. I do as instructed and stand bending at the waist, each foot near the restraints attached to a bench leg. I raise my hands over my head to reach and grasp the restraints at the corner of the padded top. You move behind me and bend to attach my cuffs to the bench leg restraints. Once those shackles are fastened you walk around and pull my hands taut and fasten them as well. Admiring my predicament you look at the table and see a blindfold that you failed to notice earlier. I am suddenly plunged into darkness. I hear you walking behind me and jerk as you spank my ass twice on each cheek. I hear the door open and close behind me and it appears I am alone in the room. I breath a sigh as I hope I have the willpower to fulfill My Princesses fantasy this night.

    As you stand I feel a finger slip between my ass cheeks and hear you ask “did you make sure to clean yourself properly for your Princess my pet?” “yes My Princess I made sure cleanse myself for you” I respond. I hear you move away again to the table briefly then after your return I feel a cold wetness dripping between my cheeks. It is followed quickly by your hand rubbing the lube around my butthole. The hand moves away briefly then I feel a lubed finger pressing against it. You continue to press, forcing the finger deeper into my hole, you remove it briefly as you apply more lube and then force a second finger in as well, wiggling the fingers as they pump in and out of my ass. Moans escape my throat as my cock jerks with desire. “We will need to stretch you a little my pet before you take my cock tonight.” You laugh as you remove both fingers and quickly push in one of the butt plugs. I am panting now as I struggle to get used to the full feeling in my ass, wondering if bigger things are coming before the night is over. You stand back to admire your handiwork so far.

    I am bent over the bench, blindfolded and helpless, my cock and balls trussed up and a plug peeking out between my ass cheeks. I throw my head back in shock as you once again spank my ass. I feel the heat of the smacks and rather than pain I feel a tingling excitement. Suddenly I feel a strong vibration pulsing in my ass and I gasp as you laugh and say “you weren’t expecting a vibrating plug, were you babe” I groan as the vibrations and pulsing tickles my prostrate and causes my trussed cock to throb and ache for release. I feel you moving around the bench and you lean close to whisper in my ear “I am going to release you from the bench my pet, I want you to lay upon floor with your legs together and you arms folded across your chest.” And with that you remove my blindfold.

    Turning my head slightly I can see our reflection in the mirror. The sight of you in a sheer black body suit wearing thigh high black boots sends my heart racing with desire. Such a strong vision of a strong woman in contrast to your usual shy nature. I remain still as you walk around the bench, my eyes following your reflection in the mirror intently with each step you take. As you release one wrist I remain still until I hear a click and suddenly the vibrations increase in intensity and begin to follow some random pattern. You giggle and show a remote that has been hidden in your hand. With the release of every limb you click the remote which leaves me throbbing and moaning. As the last cuff is released from the bench I drop to my knees and crawl to the mats and following your instructions lay on my back, legs together and arms folded. You move over me and kneel to clip together the ankle cuffs followed by the wrist cuffs. Standing again, you move to the table and pick up something that remains hidden from my view.

    You stand over me with a foot on each side of my head looking down with a wicked grin. I can’t help but think how your outfit and my helplessness seem to have awoken an inner strength and confidence within you. I can actually feel my cock pulsing in time with my heartbeats as I am overwhelmed with lust at this sight and those thoughts. You slowly lower yourself and reveal that you hold a dildo gag in your hand. “I know how much you love to please me orally my pet but we are going to try something a little different right now, open wide” you tell me. I quickly comply and you push the gag part into my mouth and fasten the straps behind my head. Realizing that I will be unable to taste your delicious pussy yet have it mere inches away causes me to groan around the gag. Shifting forward you grasp the dildo and after pulling aside the crotch of the bodysuit begin to slip it inside you.

    There is no need for lube as it is obvious you are dripping with excitement. It is your turn to moan as the 6 inches slips inside you until you rest against my face, my eyes are so close to heaven yet so far. As you begin to slowly move up and down on the dildo you keep changing the vibe patterns of the plug in my ass. I try to lift my head to thrust into you in order to increase your pleasure. You move to kneel and place your hands on the floor as you bounce faster and faster. All I can do is lay still and watch in frustration as you fuck my face. With one last thrust you bury the dildo to the hilt and reach for a wand, quickly turning it on and pressing it to your pussy. I am amazed as I have a close up view of the wand causing your lips to quiver until suddenly you throw your head back and your whole body begins to shake.
    The close up view of your orgasm will be imprinted on my brain as the most erotic vision I have ever seen. As you begin to recover I feel your wetness dripping onto my face and as you slowly raise I see the source as you leak over me. I groan again in frustration as I am unable to taste your nectar. You move to sit beside me as you recover and with a smile you ask “does my pet need a taste of me” and I nod quickly. Reaching for the straps you release them and pull the gag from my mouth. The wicked grin returns as you turn it around and push the dildo between my lips. “Lick it clean pet” I hear and desperate to taste you I begin. You quickly show mercy and remove the dildo and put it aside as you turn and once again move astride my head but this time you face my cock. You tease me as you slowly lower your pussy to my waiting mouth, my tongue reaching out ready to feast. As you sit I am able to suck in a breath as your hand grips my hard cock. I hear you say “you are not allowed to cum until I say my pet” as you begin to stroke up and down. I let out a loud groan that you seem to enjoy as you wiggle your hips. Trying to focus on your pussy while you stroke and slap my cock is a near impossible task but somehow I am able to hold my orgasm at bay. You continue to shift upon my face as you grind down then raise to allow my lips and tongue to kiss and lick. Shifting again I hear “get that tongue in my asshole pet” and I do as commanded all the while mesmerized by the sight of your ass right in front of my eyes. I am able to tickle my tongue in and out of your hole before you shift again and grind your clit against my chin. Suddenly you pull yourself off of me and just as suddenly you are astride my hips guiding my hard cock into your pussy. My cock disappears inside you as you drop. Grabbing my bound hands and moving them over my head you lower your breasts to my waiting mouth and I am able to nip and lick your delicious nipples as you bounce up and down on my cock. My eyes roll back in my head as the sensation of your tight pussy gripping my cock overwhelms me.

    As I feel my orgasm building I beg you to allow me to cum, “not yet” you yell as you begin to shake from your own orgasm, never slowing as you plunge up and down on my hardness. I continue to beg, never wanting to disappoint you, as you enjoy the last of your orgasm and you let me cock slip out. Laying beside me, once again you grip and cock with one hand and begin to stroke. I close my eyes and try to hold off, and suddenly the vibe in my ass is turned to its highest setting and your wand is pressed against the base of my cock and you stroke faster and faster as you yell “ cum my pet” without thought I begin to thrust my hips and erupt. Cum shooting up to fall back on my belly. Cum dripping down your hand as you keep stroking. My whole body is shaking with release as I cry out your name. “Sophie, my goddess”

    Eventually I return to consciousness to find I have been released from my bonds. You lay beside me with that shy smile back on your face. I reach out to you to pull you down for a passionate kiss. Our eyes smiling at each other as we recognize how much we enjoyed this change of roles.

    Part 3b Dom

    I sit on the side of the bed looking down at you as you slowly come awake. I smile as I offer you a drink. “We need to stay hydrated” I say as I give you a wink. Taking a long drink myself.
    I slowly pull the sheet off you and as always I am in awe as I gaze upon your beauty. The way your hair cascades across the pillow, the fullness of your lips, the graceful neck leading down to your shoulders. My gaze moves to your breasts, topped with delicious nipples. Tearing my eyes away I continue, my eyes caressing your waist, flicking to your belly button just as my fingers enjoy caressing your waist. Moving lower I look at the source of the wonderful nectar you provide. The button hiding for now in its’ sheath. I continue letting a finger trace a thigh just as my eyes trace the journey. Moving down the bed I reach and lift an ankle, bringing it up as I lean to place a light kiss on your big toe. Letting the foot down slowly I look up and say “Are you ready for the last part of your Birthday Gift my dear?” You smile and nod as you sit up. I reach for your hand and pull you up into my arms, giving you a passionate kiss before turning and leading you from the bedroom. As we enter the living room I turn to the left and down a hall we have not ventured down before. Standing before a closed door I turn to you and say “this last part took a fair bit of planning to bring to fruition love. Can you please close your eyes as we go through this door and wait until I let you know to open them.” You give a little giggle and wiggle which does wonderful things with your breasts and then close your eyes. I reach for your hand as I open the door and pull you into the room.

    As the door closes behind you I stand behind you. “You may open your eyes” you hear as I pull back your hair and fasten a collar loosely around your throat. With a finger through the ring on the collar I pull your head gently to the side as I kiss and nibble on an earlobe. “Trust me my pet, you are going to enjoy this so much” I whisper as my fingers lightly pinch your nipples. With wide eyes your take in the room. Soft lights bath the room in a reddish glow. You see a rack with a selection of paddles and crops hanging upon it. A bench sits prominent in the center of the room with clips and straps placed strategically. Taking your hand I lead you to the table and show you the items resting on it. A selection of butt plugs of various sizes, some apparently with remote controls, a set of ankle and wrist cuffs, various sized dildos and vibrators, a black ball gag and a set of nipple clamps sit ready for use. I feel you give a slight shiver of excitement as you look upon each object while I reach for the ankle and wrist cuffs and fasten them appropriately.

    As I stand I turn you to face me. “This is important my pet, should you wish to stop, your safe word is marbles. If you are gagged you are to shake your head no and everything will stop and I will make sure your are alright.” I say in a stern voice. “Your enjoyment is paramount”. With this I lead you over to the bench and have you climb on.

    As you settle on the bench I attach clips to ankles and wrists ensuring you remain in place as I take liberties with your body. I use a elastic hair tie to pull your luscious hair away from your face and put it into a ponytail. I stand and admire the view as you are prone on the bench, your breathing elevated as you are torn between excitement and worry about what is about to take place. My hands caresses your back, trailing down a enticing cheek and letting fingers dance down your inner thigh. My fingers move upwards again and I let one split your lips. It comes away wet and I savour the taste. “Are you ready to begin my pet” I ask and I hear a mumble. You jerk against your bonds as my hand lands a firm spank on your ass. “I did not hear you pet” This time you shout out loudly “Yes Sir, I am ready” with that I place a blindfold over your eyes. “Fear not my pet, it will enhance the experience.” You hear as I lean down and whisper in your ear. You hear my footsteps as I walk in the direction of the table
    I notice a slight shiver as you hear items being moved upon the table. I remain silent as I return to stand behind you. You flinch as I rest a hand on each cheek and then moan as I swipe my tongue between your lips before moving to lick your asshole. As my tongue probes your ass my fingers tease your puss. Using the palm I rub up and down to spread your wetness and then slip a finger inside and pump in and out slowly. My tongue probes deeper as well, alternating, finger in, tongue withdrawing, tongue stabbing in, finger slipping out. Occasionally my thumb swipes across your clit as I strive to further your excitement.

    As my fingers play with your pussy you suddenly feel a pressure at your back door and slowly and gently I push a small plug in. You take a deep breath as it pops in and is held firmly in place. As you become comfortable with that feeling my fingers slip from your puss to be quickly be replaced with something else. This something seems to cup your pussy, part of it inside while another part rests against your clit. I slowly move around you, my fingers always touching a part of you, caressing, tickling lightly from your ass cheeks up your back and shoulders before stroking your face as I sit just to your side. I remove your blindfold and with you head resting on the bench you are able to see me smile. “What do I have in store for you now my pet?” I say as I raise my phone in my hand and show you the screen. “This is an app that I think you will enjoy” I press a button on the screen and you feel a slight buzz below. Your eyes go wide as you realize that you have a vibe in your ass as well as inside your pussy and pressed against your clit, all buzzing very gently. On the screen you see a red button and a blue button and you watch intently as my fingers move to hold them down. Slowly my fingers move the buttons upwards and as they move the buzzing becomes vibration, getting stronger as my fingers reach the top of the screen. I grin wickedly as you realize what I am doing. “That’s right pet, I am controlling those toys from here. I can sit and watch the excitement and frustration as it plays across your beautiful face while I tease you, edging you closer and closer but never quite doing enough to let you cum.” You watch as my fingers move across the screen. The buzzing in your ass steady but with occasional bursts of intensity while inside your pussy and against your clit you feel a steady climb to a high intensity followed by a slow lowering of vibrations. Back and forth until you begin to moan and then I release the buttons and you feel nothing. Another louder moan escapes your lips as you feel the building orgasm wane.

    Placing the phone down within your view I press another button on the screen and the red and blue begin to move on their own, up and down, varying the strength and duration of your pleasure. “It has a handy little hands free option as well my pet and that allows me to have some pleasure myself” I say as I slip my boxers down showing you my hard cock eager for your waiting lips. “If you do a good job pet, I may let you have a little O.” And with those words I offer my cock to you. It is my turn to groan as your tongue flicks the tip just before your lips cover the head and you suck in. I move closer allowing you to take more of me into your mouth. You begin to suck and lick with a purpose as the vibes ramp up and down in your holes. I grasp the bench as you bring me closer to orgasm, shocked at how quickly it is happening. Looking at you prone on the bench helpless, vibes giving you pleasure as you give me pleasure it should be no shock. The images are embedded in my brain now.

    With great effort I pull out and take a few deep breath’s. “You are so good at that pet, but I need to hold off, but I promised a reward and so shall it be.” Reaching for the phone I raise the buttons to full strength. “Just a little one pet, you may cum but hurry before I turn it all off” I put the phone down and move behind you as I grab your ponytail and pull back just as my hand lands a spank on your ass. A further 3 spanks leave a redness on your cheeks as I release your hair and bend down to plant kisses on each ass cheek. I then begin a soft massage of your ass as I sense your climax approaching. As you begin to quiver I reach and quickly pull both toys from within you, leaving you so close that you scream out “Noooooooooooo” Not wishing to be cruel I quickly replace the toy with my tongue and fingers. Thrusting my tongue into your pussy as a finger circles your clit I await your orgasm. I take time to lick as well as suck on you as my fingers tease your clit. It is only a short time before I sense you are close and as the memory of our night overwhelms me I double my efforts and concentrate on giving you the ultimate pleasure. Tongue licking and probing, lips sucking, fingers teasing and rubbing your clit and finally one finger slips into your butt sending you over the edge. I continue to lavish attention on your pussy as you moan out your orgasm until I slowly allow you to calm. I quickly release you ankles and move to do the same to your wrists. Reaching for you I pull you up before lifting you into my arms and hold you as I kiss your forehead. I smile as I hear you mumble “Marbles” “Happy Birthday my beautiful pet” I say as I carry you back to bed to hold you as you recover.

    As we return to the bedroom I gently lay you down upon the bed. You settle with your head on a pillow and reach up for me. “Take me Sir” I hear as you open your legs and bring your knees up. I slip onto the bed and kneel between your legs. My cock throbbing with desire as I gaze at you. Your hair frames your beautiful face as you smile at me. I reach to brush the nipples that I constantly want to tease and lick. I scoot forward, my cock in hand as I brush it against your pussy. I slide the tip in, then hook my arms under your knees. As I lift your legs I push forward and slowly slip further in. I move slow as every moment is exquisite. Your tight pussy gripping me as I burying myself inside you. I begin with short strokes needing to make this moment last as long as humanly possible. I am in the presence of a beautiful angel and I must do everything I can do to prolong the pleasure. “Touch yourself baby, let’s cum together” I whisper. You place a finger in your mouth before reaching down to slowly circle your clit. Our eyes lock and I am unable to look away as my hardness strokes into you. We both moan as our excitement builds and our pace increases. Your fingers work faster and faster as I begin to thrust deep. I can hold back no longer “ baby cum with me please” I shout and as I do I feel begin to contract around my shaft as you reach your own peak. Eyes still locked on each other we both shout out “cumming baby” As my thrusts slow I release your legs and reach for you. I pull you up into my arms as we stay joined and then I twist and fall back pulling you on top of me as I lay my head on a pillow. I slowly soften and slip from within you but continue to hold you tightly. You lean in and we begin a kiss as finally we both close our eyes and savor everything that we have shared this night.